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I have read the stories here as the search for the SH site about a year ago and enjoyed many of them, but is only now that I've seriously considered adding one of mine. I'm still feeling so hot about the adventures of my friend and I have a couple of days I decided to live here again. Jane and I decided to take a trip into town for dinner and a drink and stood up to the train went togged. We had a very good night, Jane is laughing at me all night, stroking my cock thro my pants and showing her tits when the opportunity arose, and finally set on the last train. We were the only ones going to the station and decided to take home, rather than bother with a taxi, and then left in the 20 minute ride back with a dark, single-lane road in the back of the station rather than further from the main road. We walked for about 10 minutes in total darkness, when we went to a small industrial area la portacabin seems right through the door, where a security guard rather boring by the window, he said, making it a quiet and lonely vigil he has. One piece was more clear to me that soon return to the village, so my friend suggested it might xxxtubes be a good idea to stop and xxxtubes have some outdoor fun like we were in a dark and quiet. She smiled and quickly bowed to me with my hard cock in her mouth. She sucked hard, letting his lips quickly up and down my shaft, apparently hoping for a quick reward, so they could leave the cold of the night, but I had other ideas. I pulled my cock from her mouth and told him to lean against the wall in the vicinity and as I did the back of his coat and lifted her dress, pulled her panties aside and slid her pussy wet and hot. xxxtubes I was fucking with short, quick strokes, pushing back into me when I noticed a movement from the corner of my eye I saw a man to see about 10 metersaway, which was obviously enjoying the show, rubbing his cock thro his pants. Jane and I had been hanging around a few times last summer and once had the good fortune to an audience, while they are fucking in the car, so I knew that this phase is not in the least Jane. I told him that we were being watched and wanted to invite the individual to take a closer look, so xxxtubes I made ​​a gesture, without a blow and went around a warm tit slip Janes getting dressed. He stood there and looked at us with their jaws somewhere around their knees, said he was the protector of a few minutes, it happened once when he was offered the feeling that I was beautiful tit suckers hit the ground chin ! My hot babes xxxtubes love the attention he received, but had begun to tremble a little for the guards offered us xxxtubes the use of his cabin when he could see, I agreed and we went on warming. Once there, we continue our positions, Jane and I screw while playing with her ​​breast with one hand and his penis with the other. After a while I got in my pocket where I keep waiting a condom and handed it xxxtubes to him, needed no persuasion, in an instant had his rubber cock my daughters! Jane looked at me and mouth ' dirty bastard ', but just from the look on her face when she came to him, she did not complain. This put him down and soon emptied xxxtubes as soon as the condom slipped moved and began to shoot my load in this wonderful place. We all seemed a little embarrassed separate, but say we had a great time. That night would not have much sleep as they both fucked all night and told all the details of our adventures sexy cake.
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